NIFVI offers multidisciplinary technical assistance and resources through our website, email and phone or training including workshops and presentations for a variety of providers. Our tools and resources are for a variety of organizations: DV advocacy organization wanting to better serve immigrant women, immigrant services agencies wanting to know more about how to address DV, law enforcement and legal practitioners. We’ve organized our materials by provider and by content. Just click the links below to see our resources and support services.
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Technical Resources and Assistance – By Subject Areas

Strengthening Your Knowledge -
Learn about what can affect the ways in which clients seek out and respond to services, U Visas, and Section 212(a)(6)(A) of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996.

Strengthening Your Community Response -
Learn about how partnerships, collaborations and community involvement through education and advocacy can strengthen services for battered immigrants.

Strengthening Your Organizational Response -
Tools to assist with screening, assessment, protocols, safety planning, and interacting with immigrant clients.

Strengthening Your Services to Survivors -
Training materials (including PowerPoint presentations) about VAWA, U Visas and working with clients.

Technical Resources and Assistance – By Targeted Audience

Domestic Violence and Immigrant Services Agencies -
Information and tools to assist agencies in serving clients.

Law Enforcement -
Information about U Visas and VAWA, including training materials.

Attorneys and Legal Practitioners -
Tools and training materials to assist practitioners in serving clients.