Technical Resources and Assistance – Strengthening Your Knowledge

Help Seeking Behavior in Immigrant Victims of DV: Roles of Religion and Patriarchy
How religion may be interpreted or misconstrued to foster unhealthy relationships and how religion can be incorporated to empower clients during their course of services.

Intimate Partner Violence Meets Immigrant and Refugee Issues Fact Sheet
When serving immigrants and refugees, there are differences in family dynamics and culture that will affect the ways in which clients will seek out and respond to services and are critical for providers to be aware of.

Power and Control Wheels from the National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence
Tools that define the cycle of power and control in abusive relationships.

Section 212 of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant responsibility Act of 1996
Background information about the VAWA adjustment of status provision and Section 212(a)(6)(A) and the consequences for battered immigrants.

The U Visa: Training for Law Enforcement
PowerPoint presentation that can be made available outlining the purpose, sources, history, benefits, and requirements related to U Visas.

U Visas for DV Advocates and Immigrant Services Agencies (Available Upon Request)
A document intended to help guide DVadvocates and Immigrant Service Agencies through the process of assisting clients with applying for U Visas.
The full document is available upon request. Table of contents include:
Step 1: Identify Potential Applicants and Refer for Service
Step 2: Know and Explain the Legal and Documentation Requirements.
Step 3: Facilitate Obtaining Police Report(s)
Step 4: Help Applicant Gather Supporting Documentation
Step 5: Write Supporting Letter
Step 6: Help Draft Applicant's U Visa and Waiver Declarations
Step7: Keep Applicant in Touch with Agency and Informed about Changes
Step 8: Help with Post-Filing Logistics
Step 9: Educate Police about Reports
Appendix: Worksheets to Develop Hardship and Equities Declarations
a.) Hardship Equities Worksheet to Prepare Waiver Declaration (English)
b.) Equities Worksheet (English)
c.) Hardship Equities Worksheet to Prepare Waiver Declaration (Spanish)
d.) Equities Worksheet (Spanish)

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