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Accessing Language Access in Massachusetts Courts – Outreach Letter
An example of a letter to advocates in supporting immigrant survivors of domestic violence in receiving fair and equitable rights within the legal system.

Accessing Language Access in Massachusetts Courts – Survey
An example of what can be utilized to assist you with the quality and effectiveness of interpreter assignments for domestic violence, family law, and landlord/tenant hearings. This document has been utilized in various courts in Massachusetts.

Community Meetings: Turning Education Into Advocacy
In community meetings, a link is made between community education and advocacy.  Meetings serve to educate immigrants about laws and policies that affect them and their communities, elicit their concerns, ideas and involvement in advocacy about the issue, and focus the message the community wants to communicate about the issue.  They serve as a community’s first step in developing and beginning to implement strategies to respond to issues that concern them.

Immigration Relief for Battered Immigrants
Information about the challenges and options in serving abused immigrants, including the background on law and information about VAWA and the U Visa.

Promoting U Visas with Local Officials
The U Visa is an exceptionally powerful tool to help free abused immigrants from violent relationships and protect communities from crime. It was created by the Battered Immigrant Women Protection Act in a unanimous vote in the Senate and with just one no vote in the House of Representative. So why do we need to promote it? First, because law enforcement support is required, and law enforcement attitudes and policies are frequently affected by public opinion. Second, because the U Visa process helps Americans see immigrants as “us,” rather than “them,” and that helps build strong, vibrant communities.

Service System Diagram
This diagram outlines the service system needed to best serve immigrants and refugees that have experienced family violence.

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