Technical Resources and Assistance - Strengthening Your Organizational Response

Multi-Service Agencies: When Survivors and Perpetrators Are Both Your Clients
Policy for serving victims and perpetrators of domestic violence if both are current clients at the organization prior to the reported domestic violence.

Protocol for Legal Services
How legal services can plan for services when working with Immigrants including providing a safe place, protecting confidentiality, intake, assessment, referrals and followup.

Safety Planning Protocol
This protocol covers the safety planning process that is to be conducted if the intake shows that there is a high risk of danger to the client. Any client in any program with a high risk should have a trained staff member go through the safety planning process with them.

Safety Plan
The objective of this safety planning process is to help the client understand what they can do if they get in a dangerous situation to reduce the risk of harm to themselves and their family, including if they need to leave the situation quickly. All staff members who help with safety planning should be well-trained and have some monitoring of how they conduct safety planning.

Visual Safety Plan
Developed to be utilized by providers when working with limited English speakers.
English Version, click here.
Arabic Version, click here.
Bosnian Version, click here.
Burmese Version, click here.
French Version, click here.
Nepali Version, click here.
Somali Version, click here.
Spanish Version, click here.
Swahili Version, click here.
Vietnamese Version, click here.

Stalking Behaviors - Visual Tool
To assist providers in explaining to limited English speakers what behaviors are considered stalking.

Strategies for Working with Immigrant Domestic Violence Survivors
Tips intended to help guide providers through the dos and don’ts of working with immigrant women that have experienced domestic violence.

Ways to Serve Domestic Violence Survivors Remotely
Suggestions on how to work with shelters and domestic violence providers, computer programs, utilizing phones, holding clinics at remote sites, Skype and OoVoo to assist clients who live far from services.

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