Technical Resources and Assistance - Strengthening Your Services to Survivors

De-escalating During Crisis
Powerpoint presentation from NIFVI training that can be made availble outlining how to work with and interview people in crisis.

bulletMarriage and Emotional Assessment Tool
This form should be used when the initial intake suggests issues regarding the client’s good faith marriage and/or emotional abuse during marriage. The questions are intended to be a conversational aid and the interviewer should always ask the client for more detail when necessary.

bulletPsychosocial Assessment (Available Upon Request)
This form should be administered by a professional, trained in the mental health field. It is used to document a client's medical and mental health history and recommendations for any counseling that may be needed. Assistance is available from NIFVI with any orientation or training needed to utilize the tool.

bulletService Outcome Survey
A post survey administered to measure the impact the services you have provided have had in the life of your client. For the best results, it is suggested that you ask the client the questions in a one-on-one interview and utilize an interpreter as needed.

bullet Showing Extreme Cruelty in VAWA and I-751 Waiver Applications
USCIS considers behavior and actions “extreme cruelty” when the abuser intended to use them to dominate, control, and/or humiliate the survivor, and the survivor was dominated, controlled and/or humiliated.  Using these tools will assist you in helping the client describe their relationship, the abuser’s actions and the effect of those actions.

bullet U Visa Case Screening Guidelines
A tool to help screen potential U Visa cases.

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