Technical Resources and Assistance – For Attorneys and Legal Practitioners

Accessing Language Access in Massachusetts Courts – Outreach Letter
An example of a letter to advocates in supporting immigrant survivors of domestic violence in receiving fair and equitable rights within the legal system.

bulletAccessing Language Access in Massachusetts Courts – Survey
An example of what can be utilized to assist you with the quality and effectiveness of interpreter assignments for domestic violence, family law, and landlord/tenant hearings. This document has been utilized in various courts in Massachusetts.

Crime Victim Screening Form (Available Upon Request)
A document to assist in gathering information on client eligibility for VAWA and a U Visa.

De-escalating During Crisis
Powerpoint presentation from NIFVI training that can be made availble outlining how to work with and interview people in crisis.

Immigration Relief for Battered Immigrants
Information about the challenges and options in serving abused immigrants, including the background on law and information about VAWA and the U Visa.

Marriage and Emotional Assessment Tool
This form should be used when the initial intake suggests issues regarding the client’s good faith marriage and/or emotional abuse during marriage. The questions are intended to be a conversational aid and the interviewer should always ask the client for more detail when necessary.

Promoting U Visas with Local Officials
The U Visa is an exceptionally powerful tool to help free abused immigrants from violent relationships and protect communities from crime. It was created by the Battered Immigrant Women Protection Act in a unanimous vote in the Senate and with just one no vote in the House of Representative. So why do we need to promote it? First, because law enforcement support is required, and law enforcement attitudes and policies are frequently affected by public opinion. Second, because the U Visa process helps Americans see immigrants as “us,” rather than “them,” and that helps build strong, vibrant communities.

Protocol for Legal Services
How legal services can plan for services when working with Immigrants including providing a safe place, protecting confidentiality, intake, assessment, referrals and followup.

Section 212 of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant responsibility Act of 1996
Background information about the VAWA adjustment of status provision and Section 212(a)(6)(A) and the consequences for battered immigrants.

Service Outcome Survey
A post survey administered to measure the impact the services you have provided have had in the life of your client. For the best results, it is suggested that you ask the client the questions in a one-on-one interview and utilize an interpreter as needed.

Showing Extreme Cruelty in VAWA and I-751 Waiver Applications
USCIS considers behavior and actions “extreme cruelty” when the abuser intended to use them to dominate, control, and/or humiliate the survivor, and the survivor was dominated, controlled and/or humiliated.  Using these tools will assist you in helping the client describe their relationship, the abuser’s actions and the effect of those actions.

U Visa Case Screening Guidelines
A tool to help screen potential U Visa cases.

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